Welcome to the application site for Summer School of Econometric Society, which will be held at Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, July 27-July 31, 2020.

Please fill out the application form completely and accurately.
The application will be reviewed by the lecturers.

The admission to the summer school will be notified individually by e-mail, along with the information about registration and application for financial support.

For more information, check the home page of Summer School of Econometric Society (

Before filing the application

Application website is designed to be rigid to maintain the desired level of integrity. A little preparation can make the process much more manageable than otherwise.
  • A reliable contact information is the most important, Reliable e-mail addresses for the applicant and the reference are crucial. Some mail servers have implemented a strict SPAM filter policy, and often reject a mass mail, a message with an active hyperlink or a computer generated message. Undelivered mails can cause a serious problem.
  • You will be asked whether you have a paper
    • If you do not have a presentable paper, you can skip this item. In the past, around one half of students in the Summer School did not have, or chose not to present, a paper.
    • If you have a presentable paper, you need some preparation.
      • Decide which paper you want to present.
      • Instead of a pdf file, you will be asked to provide the URL link for the paper. If you have your own home page, just provide the URL link of the paper. If not, most cloud service such as Google Drive allows us to share a file on the web by assigning a stable URL address to a file. Please consult with the instruction of the cloud service of your choice (like this).
      • Make it sure that the paper is set public on the web, and that if it is a pdf file, the file is free of password protection so that we can download the paper, without prompting you for permission. Otherwise, your paper might not be accessed for review in a timely manner.
    • After you provide us a stable link for the paper, you can freely revise your paper from your end, as long as you keep the same URL address for the paper.
  • You must have a letter of recommendation. When you file the application by clicking "submit," the system immediately sends to your reference a computer generated request, with an instruction about how and where the recommendation letter should be uploaded. After filing your application, It would be prudent for you to communicate with your reference to check whether he/she has received a notice from us. We had a number of incidences in the past that the computer generated notice was screened out by a SPAM filter. As a result, the letter of recommendation was not received in a timely manner, disrupting the review process in some cases.
  • After you submit the application. You can consider it as a confirmation, that your reference has received the computer generated request for the letter of recommendation. If you find that your reference has not received the request in a few days after filing the application, please send an e-mail to the organizer, In-Koo Cho, with subject line "esSummer2020: application" along with the description of the problem.

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